This ‘GK Tricks’ page of ‘My India GK’ provides various GK Tricks in Hindi and English on different sections of General Knowledge i.e., History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Science and Static GK. You can easily learn and remember various topics of GK through these tricks which are also provided in Hindi. In this category, we publish History tricks  Geography tricks, Polity tricks in Hindi, Economics tricks in Hindi, GK Science tricks.

Here, we provide not only tricks but also elaborate the topics given in that particular tricks. This will help you in understanding the topics and not only rot memorizing the tricks. If you understand any topic, you can answer any questions asked from that topic.

These GK Tricks will help you immensely in any of the exam preparation you are preparing for. We also provide GK Tricks for SSC, Railways and other exams. We welcome your suggestions, and you can give your suggestions at or at the comment section of the related post.

GK Short Tricks | असम के वन अभयारण्य

असम का गम असम = असम राज्य का…

Economics Tricks | ओपेक के सदस्य देश

अबे इक असली नाई कुवैत गया अ…

Economics Tricks | स्टील प्लांट लगाने में सहयोगी देश

भीरु, राज तथा दुर्गा स्टील…

Economics Tricks | भारत के टकसाल

मुंबई में कैसिनो है मुंबई…

Economics Tricks | G-8 के सदस्य देश

आजा रूबी फ्राइ करें आ =…

Economics Tricks | विभिन्न योजनाओं के स्थापना वर्ष

प्रधानमंत्री ने ग्राम जनश्री…

Science GK Trick | विभिन्न अदिश राशियाँ

आसमा का ऊँचा ताल दूर है आ…

Science GK Trick | पारा अमलगम संबंधी

नील को पटा नी = निकेल ल…

Science GK Trick | अक्रिय गैसों की सूची

निजी हीरे की आग नि = निऑन जी…